The Hidden Threats and Risk of IOT (Internet of Things) devices

Iot devices

Technology is one of those inventions by scientists that develop every hour. A few decades ago, computers required air conditioning and were placed to function flawlessly in special environments. Today, machines and equipment are developed keeping in mind the most harsh conditions; They are durable and can withstand extreme conditions such as dust, temperature and water. Even further, a lot of research is going on to develop a cyberberg with all the potentials.

The Internet of Things, or better known as IoT, has revolutionized the way people communicate between humans and machines. In addition, the invention of machine learning (ML) has inspired artificial intelligence in devices that make them think like humans. The next generation of IoT devices and machines will have intelligence, empathy, and even decision-making ability; A future scientist is just knocking on doors and is about to enter the human world.

There are dangers and risks with advancement, and IoT is risky. Each machine or device with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capability will develop its own brain, which, in turn, will help them make decisions on their own. A lot of Hollywood films have been focused on the wicked intelligence of machines and their quest to conquer the entire human race. And, this is not fiction!

IoT – A Digital Thriller

Internet of Things – A digital thriller is a novel that exposes the dangers and the Internet of Things can bring. Machines and equipment are automatic and learn from the activities around them. They develop the next generation of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Empathy to build confidence. While older machines are under human control, Super Artificial Intelligence (SAI) will allow them to overwrite human commands. Eventually, devices with such enormous power will begin to carry out a deadly plot, which is difficult to understand or trace.

The protagonist is a software engineer in New York, who is leading a project called Omnismart, where all machines, engines, and equipment are filled with great artificial intelligence and empathy. Due to some events, IoT members start behaving strangely, and in the end, they rebel.

This kind of story gives a lesson in how to hold and think horses before making machines powerful and almighty. Although to date we have invented weak artificial intelligence, if the devices have their auto-learning ability to transform themselves into super artificial intelligence, it will be difficult for humans to command them. The story of the novel gives a deep insight into the technological progress sought by humans by compromising on humanity.

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